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Ready to Purchase

Follow process below:

  • Meet with one of our Member Lendersfor pre - approval.
  • Meet with Realtor and begin looking for a home.
  • Once contract is executed, Member Lender reserves DPAfor you.
  • You will meet with TLC Loan Officer for DPA application & processing.
  • Prior to closing you will need to provide TLC with copy of homeowners insurance policy and home inspection.

Complete Home Buyer Readiness 

offered twice a month

Complete The Home Buyer Education Course  offered twice a month

After attending the Home Buyer Readiness course you have the option to attend the Home Buyer Education Course or Start the process for Credit Counseling.

You will need to come by the office and complete the Getting Started Intake package (you may also download the package below) and pay the processing fee. Effective immediately, May 16, 2019 the Confidential Counseling session fee will increase to  $26.00 per person and $52.00 (for joint) application fee. 

This is a non-refundable fee.

Make appointment with Credit Counselor. Your counselor will determine either you are ready or not ready to purchase.

Please see the process below:

How Our Process Works:

​​​​​Tallahassee Lenders' Consortium, Incd/b/a TLC


Not ready to Purchase

Follow process below:

  • Counselor will provide action plan to address credit and income issues.
  • Attend Financial Fitness course offered monthly.
  • Attend Homebuyer Club meeting course offered quarterly.
  • Request Update Appointment once Action Plan items are completed. Effective 5-16-2019 the $26.00 application fee ($52.00 for joint) will be required for the updated credit report. 
  • Ready to Purchase. Follow Ready to Purchase process.


  • Still have work to do.  Repeat Process as needed.