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​​​​​Tallahassee Lenders' Consortium, Incd/b/a TLC


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   Existing Homes:  $154,000.00

Other programs available for Down Payment Assistance...

Big Bend Habitat for Humanity

In order to qualify for them, it is mandatory that you are currently in substandard housing. They also have income limits.

Contact 850-574-2288

   Sales Price Limits Cannot Exceed

   New Construction Homes:  $228,000.00

Florida Housing Finance Corporation

They offer some down payment assistance programs. Their income guidelines are higher than ours. They have certain lenders.

Contact 850-488-4197 

Escambia County Housing Finance Authority

Offers down payment assistance to Jefferson, Gadsden, Leon, Wakulla and many other counties.

They will loan you up to $7,500 DPA

They have there own member lenders and their income limits are higher than ours

Escambia Bond Homeownership Program

Down Payment Assistance

USDA Rural Development

Caters to Franklin, Gadsden, Leon and Wakulla County. They will loan you funds as long as you fall in their income guidelines. Their office is located in Marianna. Dial (850) when contacting.

Contact 850-526-2610

TLC's Down Payment Assistance (DPA) is a LOAN. It pays for some of your down payment and closing costs up to $7,000 for homes purchased in the City limits. As the homeowner, you are required to put $500.00 of  your own monies in. It’s best to save around $1200- $2000 for other out of pocket pre-purchase expenses related to the purchase.

Very low-income clients (50% or below AMI) may qualify for down payment assistance up to $12,000. The intake counselor will determine whether you meet these guidelines.

The down-payment is secured by a second or third mortgage loan at zero interest with no required payments. The loan is due back in payments of $500 or greater, and payable upon :

1. Sale                                                    
2. Refinance    
3. No longer occupies as primary residence 
4. Maturity of first mortgage (Typically 30 years)
5. Abandonment

6. Bankruptcy

7. Foreclosure